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Children's Ministry

We provide childrens ministry on Sunday morning for ages 2-11. The age breakdown for the 3 classes are as follows:
Toddler Program – Proficient Walkers to age 2, Preschool – potty trained ages 3-4, Grades K-2 (5-8), and Grades 3-5 (9-11). The children stay in service for worship and are released during the offering. Children are more than welcome to remain in service if the parents prefer to keep them in service. There are also seasonal events for children.
We appreciate the advantages of family integrated worship and therefore keep children in service every first Sunday of the month for the entire service. This is also due to the fact that many of our children are baptized members of the church and should rightly participate in the Lord’s Supper. To receive the Lord’s Supper without the entire Body of Christ fully assembled would actually undermine the symbolic meaning of the church’s unity, not to mention deprive believing children of the means of grace in the holy meal. Just to be clear, only believing members should receive the meal in active participation through faith in Christ. The other Sundays are left to the decision of parents. We don’t view the preference of parents as a test for Godly parenting.

We emphasize and resource our parents to conduct discipleship in the home.
We recommend the Baptist Catechism, and emphasize weekly Bible memorization through Fighter Verses.
For more information on the resources we use, please visit the following sites:
Fighter Verses –
The Baptist Catechism –

Youth Group

1st & 3rd Sundays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Youth Group at the Church for youth in the 6th – 12th grade. There are monthly events that the youth participate in.

A time of worship, Bible lesson with discussion, catechism questions/answers and prayer. 

Young Mens Theology Study

On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday mornings from 10-11:30am Pastor Matt hosts a discussion group for young men at our church who are high school aged and older and interested in the learning, reading about, and discussion of theology proper and specifically reformed theology. It will meet in his office and will include coffee. They are currently working through Daniel Doriani's “Work That Makes A Difference”.
If you are interested in attending or having your son attend, please contact Pastor Matt

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